Spring Yoga FoodSPRING

Spring is an opportunity to cleanse and renew yourself – break old habits and create a positive new direction. Get rid of the heaviness, stiffness and the accumulated toxins of winter and lighten up! Real improvements in flexibility become possible at this time. Food focus is on lighter, fresher and smaller meals. Learn valuable tools to boost your immune system, eliminate lasting colds and flus and rejuvenate your liver and gall bladder. Eat less, do more!


Summer the season of expression and creativity. Celebrate summer’s abundance and increase your capacity for joy and playful vitality. The chance to soften upper body tension, open and heal your heart and connect to your inner strength and power. Learn innovative barbeque ideas, cooling salads and delicate finger foods. Refresh and re-energise yourself.

Autumn Yoga FoodAUTUMN

Autumn is all about elimination – LETTING GO! The colds and flus that abound in this season simply reflect our body’s lack of ability to eliminate. Learn special macrobiotic cold remedies and ways to introduce more fibre and fermented foods into your diet, boosting the efficiency of you colon. Yoga for this season focuses on contraction, the lungs and the large intestine. Bring tone to your belly buttocks and thighs, redefine your waist and strengthen your lower back. Increase your breath awareness and clear your mind.

Winter Yoga FoodWINTER

Winter is the time to consolidate the bodies energy, to build strength and stability. This season is our chance to “de-stress” & regenerate. Calm your nervous system, regain balance and find that stillness within. Warm to nourishing meals that re-energise and re-build, enjoy mineral rich foods and long slow cooking methods. The yoga focus is on the spine, building its strength and flexibility. Learn how to improve your balance, reduce lower back pain, and recharge your energy levels so you don’t have to rely on artificial stimulants.

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