Zoom Yoga Classes & Vimeo Recorded Classes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Newport Yoga Centre adapted to working from home. We’ve been hosting online Zoom classes to clients all over the world, from Australia to New York. It’s been a beautiful opportunity to re-connect with clients who might have moved away from Newport but have craved their Ryoho Yoga Therapy and to continue supporting the physical and mental well-being of our clients during the uncertain time.

We’ve loved it so much, we are going to continue. Make sure you make the most of these dynamic classes available at your disposal!

How does the Vimeo recording work?

  • We record each Zoom class and upload them to our Vimeo account
  • If you can’t make the live class, or prefer practicing more often, we can send a Vimeo recording to you of any class you desire
  • Our Vimeo’s all have a password authentication, you will be given access for 24 hours, but if you require an extension, just ask!
  • You can book a Vimeo at any time. Some people would like to practice on a Sunday, so they pre-book a Vimeo. We ensure it’s a class they haven’t practiced with us yet.
  • Some people have opted to go on Vimeo programs, so they get e.g three classes per week on a Sunday to practice on their own schedule for the week.

How to book?

  • Simply book a Vimeo by emailing us or texting Tania 0418 602 202


  • A Zoom and Vimeo class is $20 per class

Private Zoom Yoga Classes

Private Zoom Classes are also available world-wide – $100 for 60 mins .  

Testimonial – August 21st, 2020
A little over a year ago, I started noticing an aggravating pain in my left upper arm, especially over-extending into the fridge. I let it go on for about three months, slowly getting worse, I couldn’t put my regular knapsack onto my back, or zip myself up. Grimacing became my new facial expression, not ideal for the lines already etching their way into my visage.
My first port of call was diagnostic. My results came back: Adhesive Capusilitis or ‘Frozen Shoulder,’ a common condition in bodies over 50. Hate that type of ageist diagnosis. Give it time (about two years), and it will fix itself but not without complications. You may not get your full movement back in the arm. I decided to go to a chiropractor for ‘Cold Laser Treatment.’ A few thousand dollars into it, I switched to acupuncture, still no noticeable results.
When Covid-19 hit us in March, my dear friend Tania Elder from Newport Yoga Centre took her business online, and the penny dropped: ‘I can do private classes with Tania even though I live in New York City.’
One week in, I could feel the movement returning to my arm. Little by little, I started throwing my backpack on, and within four weeks, I could do up my bra, previously an excruciating task.
Tania tailored the classes to my specific needs, and she also understood that the injury needed a whole-body approach to make a difference to my progress. I’m still working with Tania and getting stronger every week, not only related to my arm. Her style of yoga has emotional, mental, and physical benefits. The pandemic has had positive impacts, not only on the health of our oceans and atmosphere but on the new Global reach of health professionals like Tania Elder. Highly recommend her and Newport Yoga Centre for anyone wishing to improve their health or for specific injuries.
Tracey Yarad – Musician, NYC