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For all classes, except Saturday 7.30 am at Newport Community Centre

Limited places please book in advance (see info below)


Dear NYC Clients,

Great news to our eager clients who can’t wait to get back into the studio – SATURDAY’S ARE BACK at Newport Community Centre as of this Saturday. There’s a 20 person cap, so registrations are crucial.

For those of you that normally join us online on Saturday, Tania will be doing a 9.30am Zoom class for you. If you’d like to practice on Sunday, we recommend you booking the Saturday class as a Vimeo!

We have been notified by the Surf Club that they don’t intend to open various areas until July. Their committee are still developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan and will re-open once they’re able to implement and manage the plan when resuming activities. We will notify you AS SOON AS we get the go ahead from the club.

Our Monday – Friday classes will remain online until the Surf Club re-opens. Please note, we do intend to keep some classes online once all classes resume as normal, so to our beautiful clients who aren’t in Sydney or on the Northern Beaches we aren’t leaving you. We’ve loved connecting with more of you during this period and will ensure this continue!

Please see further information below and reply to this email to register for our Saturday 7.30am in-studio class.

In Studio Yoga 

Procedures for joining us fact-to-face for classes:

  • Our Saturday in-studio class will resume as of Saturday June 20th with a7.30am Tania class

  • If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone unwell, please DO NOT attend the studio, join us online instead

  • Class numbers are capped to comply with specifications – Currently 20 people

  • BOOKING ONLINE IS ESSENTIAL. You MUST book by emailing us. If you don’t book online you may be turned away if numbers are beyond 20.

  • Please maintain the 1.5m distancing at all times

  • You MUST bring all your own props; this incudes mat, towel/blanket, blocks, straps, whatever you like to use in class

  • You MUST use hand sanitizer and foot wipes (provided) on entering

  • Please only book classes you know you will definitely attend

  • A strict CANCELLATION policy applies. You must EARLY CANCEL 24 hrs prior to class commencement or you will forfeit your payment (as someone else may then miss out on being able to attend)

  • Once registered, your $20 payment is required to confirm booking via EFT. If you have a pass, your class pass will be ticked off immediately.




The NYC Team 

 Tania is also offering private classes at your house if you have the right space & particularly if you are living on your own

or private, or groups of friends online 

Tania, the Director of Newport Yoga Centre is delivering food boxes. The following items are available for NYC yogis to order.

pick up, or

free delivery from Palm Beach to Narrabeen. Past there, delivery charges will apply. 

Newport Yoga Centre

Home delivered specialist food boxes

Miso Paste

Olive Oil

Sesame Oil

Umeboshi Plums





Plum Vinegar

Shitake Mushrooms

Dry Wakame seeweed

Fresh Tasmanian salt treated seaweed

Arame seaweed

Sushi Nori seaweed sheets

Kombu Dashi


Olsons Sea salt

Organic Bancha tea

Organic Bancha tea bags


Agave Nectar

Crispy Nori Kringle: toasted Nori seaweed for snack or garnish *Packed full of minerals

* Some of these items can also be bought in bulk

Tania is also offering cooked Miso Soups in small containers or large pots for your immune system boost; for you and or the entire family. Pick-up or delivered to your door.

 Please press the link below to enquire or order

 or to talk or text, Tania’s mobile no is 0418 602 202


Tech tips for online classes 

  1. Breathe deeply – You got this

  • You simply register for the class by emailing Tania. Once registered we will require payment via EFT. If you have a class pass, we will deduct the class from your card as usual.

  • Then you will receive a link to the class with a few tips for practicing at home. Please make sure you register at least 20 minutes before class so you don’t miss out on getting the link.

  • Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session

  • Click on the link for the meeting 5 minutes ahead of our class start time

  • Take 5 minutes to focus on your breathing. Sit up straight or lay down and close your eyes, slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth

  • Set up your yoga/meditation space at home just like you would at the studio

  • The image quality is. Great livestream – not fancy but it does the job

  1. Download Zoom on your laptop, tablet or mobile

  • You will need a computer with internet connection

  • Once you have booked your class via email, about 30 minutes before class starts you get an email for us with your online class link

  • You can use your phone and connect it to speakers of Bluetooth ear plugs

  • OR you can use your laptop computer’s built in mic and speakers

  • The ZOOM App for your mobile is called: ZOOM Cloud Meetings. Download this to your tablet or phone OR

  • On your laptop you get can go to and download it on your computer

  • You do not need to have a paid Zoom account for this

  • Click on the Zoom meeting link in your email and it should take you straight to the livestream

  1. The technical details

  • Please book and pay in advance. That allows up to get the emails with the link sent out early. If you book less than 20 minutes before the start of class, we might not be able to get you the link in time.

  • We find that people with Hotmail address’ get the emails later than everyone else. If you have an alternate email we could use, please let us know

  • Once you join the livestream, make you sure PIN the video of the teacher to ensure their video stays as the main image during your class. You can do this by putting the curser over the three blue dots and select PIN VIDEO. You will see the other group members attending but feel free to stop video for privacy.

  • We will have automatically Muted your microphone when you arrive, you can also do this by clicking the microphone icon of the bottom left of your computer screen

  • There will be tech issues, we can almost guarantee it! We have only have a few goes with this before and will be learning as we go. There may be some glitches, so we are grateful for your patience

  • If you’re having trouble hearing us, please write in the chat and give us feedback. If you have any questions following the class, Tania is available for class on 0418 602 202

  • Throughout the session, try to remain focused on the practice just as you would if you were attending face to face

  • At the end of the session click ‘leave meeting’ or ‘end meeting’ in the bottom right of your screen

  • If you have any questions or troubles booking, send us an email

  1. Payment

  • You will not receive the Zoom link if you haven’t confirmed payment

  • Our prices remain the same – Check our price page for details

  • If you have a class pass, we will deduct the class from your card as usual

Payment details

Newport Yoga Centre

BSB: 062 205

Account #: 1039 3881

Description: Write your full name and send payment receipt to Tania via email or text.

In these increasingly uncertain times, it is more important than ever to keep a cool and calm mental headspace. We can’t control the world around us, but we can work on how we deal with it.

We know many are facing uncertainty, as we are. We hope our streaming will let you feel like you have in the studio itself, and will give us all a chance to collectively practice.


The NYC Team

Gift Vouchers are available to desired $ value

 for any of the special events i.e., retreats

• 10 x Class Pass $180

• Yoga Mat $140

• Private Yoga Classes @ $100

• Seasonal Yoga Weeks

(Autumn Early bird special (ends Feb 3) $395,

Full price $425)


Yoga Products

Newport Yoga Centre has the perfect products to complement your yoga practice .  We offer the best yoga mats available, t-shirts, hats, books, superfoods, Yoga Gift Vouchers & the ultimate treat, our Sri-Lanka Retreat.

Yoga Timetable


Our regular timetable has resumed for 2019.

Please bring your own mat this year, you can purchase our fantastic ‘homemade’ yoga mats for $140. The surf club can’t store ‘Tania’s mats’ any longer.

As well as our general well being classes, we run classes for children, teenagers,  specific yoga for surfers, for people with special needs and post traumatic stress disorder. Alternatively ‘Anytime Yoga’ can fit your schedule.


Yoga Retreats

Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat

Replenish your soul and re-energise your body and mind

Cookign Classes

Cooking Classes

We create a feast of delicacies from fresh organic produce, discovering the foods & cooking methods that harmonise your body with the energies of the season.

Learn More



We run seasonal yoga detox weeks designed to cleanse & tone your body, improve general fitness and establish you in a healthy routine.

 Learn More 

What Makes Us Different

Newport Yoga is the only accredited Ryoho yoga centre on the Northern Beaches. Tania is a senior Ryoho teacher with 20 year’s experience, who continues to hone her skills under the guidance of Ryoho founder and yoga master Andzej Gospodarczyk. They collaborate to offer corrective therapy sessions to create your own tailored yoga which includes powerful Shiatsu therapy. This personal set of yoga movements will correct structural and/or functional problems. Corrective yoga therapy allows you to deal with health issues before they become a drama.

Tania is well respected by the Newport yoga community for her dynamic energy, obvious good health and passion to help others discover how good health feels and how to keep it.

Find Us

There will be no classes at Newport Surf Club or Community Centre until the Corona Virus shutdown is over.

Until then please contact us via email if you would like to do our online classes.

Weekdays & Nights

Newport Surf Club
Barrenjoey Road

Saturday  7.30 am class

Newport Community Centre

11/13 The Boulevarde

Mobile: 0418 602 202


Ryoho Tonics & Remedies published by Wilkinson Publishing (c) 2019

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