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Dynamic, energising, rejuvenating group or private yoga classes.

The only accredited JAPANESE RYOHO YOGA centre on the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Beginners to advanced welcome, a place where good health becomes your reality.

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Our online and in-studio timetable
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For classes, please bring your own mat.

As well as our general well being classes, Tania develops specialist classes for children, teenagers, surfers & people with special needs, anxiety & stress disorders. Alternatively ‘Anytime Yoga’ can fit your schedule.

Yoga Retreats

Tania’s trip to Japan

Find out more about Newport Yoga Centre’s new collaboration with Japan’s finest Yoga Therapy teachers, Saburo and Hisae Ishii.


Special offers

First class is free. Unlimited classes for two weeks for only $45. Established clients can bring a friend and get a free class added to your card. Gift vouchers available for a shiatsu massage.


Cookign Classes

Cooking Classes

We create a feast of delicacies from fresh organic produce, discovering the foods & cooking methods that harmonise your body with the energies of the season.

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We run seasonal yoga detox weeks designed to cleanse & tone your body, improve general fitness and establish you in a healthy routine.

We also host workshops with various therapists and practitioners (local and international).

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One of the downsides of what you do is that there is the expectation that you will be fascinated by our minor health and wellness issues without much reciprocation. So just wanted to say a very big thank you for making an enormous positive difference in my life!


“Tania tailored the private classes to my specific needs, and she also understood that the injury needed a whole-body approach to make a difference to my progress. I'm still working with Tania and getting stronger every week, not only related to my injury. Her style of yoga has emotional, mental, and physical benefits.” Tracey Yarad - Musician, NYC
Your on-line classes are my life-line at the moment. My goal is getting up at 5.30 every morning and doing your class. That is why I am requesting Vimeo's of your daily classes...You really are an amazing person. Thank you! Karin
Tania teaches a different style of Yoga to that I had previously known ... no sitting there chanting OHMMMM and a wider range of strengthening and stretching exercises. My classmates say the same thing “ life is way better as a result of the Yoga taught by Tania and her team”, certainly my life has been impacted in a very positive way.

Max Goldsmith

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What Makes Us Different

Newport Yoga is the only accredited Ryoho yoga centre on the Northern Beaches. Tania is a senior Ryoho teacher with 20 year’s experience, who continues to hone her skills under the guidance of Ryoho founder and yoga master Andzej Gospodarczyk. They collaborate to offer corrective therapy sessions to create your own tailored yoga which includes powerful Shiatsu therapy. This personal set of yoga movements will correct structural and/or functional problems. Corrective yoga therapy allows you to deal with health issues before they become a drama.

Tania is well respected by the Newport yoga community for her dynamic energy, obvious good health and passion to help others discover how good health feels and how to keep it.

Yoga, which has its origins over 5000 years ago in India, is a collection of physical, mental and spiritual practices which are designed to bring wellness and calm to those who participate. Today there is a wide range of schools of yoga that can be broadly categorised in two approaches, the posture-based practice which aims to improve physical fitness, bring stress relief and relaxation or the more meditative approach which instils calm and well-being.

One of the more contemporary schools of yoga is Japanese Ryoho yoga, a practice that works with and supports the organs and meridians of the body in a way that is intrinsically linked to the seasons. At Newport Yoga Centre, Tania and her team offer the opportunity to learn and practice Ryoho yoga, either at their studio private or  group classes and via online classes. Tania completed her training over 25 years ago, but still makes the time to keep learning and is constantly improving her knowledge and deep understanding so that she can pass on her experience and expertise to others.

At Newport Yoga Centre you will find a wide range of classes, suited to practitioners of all experience and skill levels, with special classes for young children, teens and even classes dedicated to surfers; Within the comprehensive time table, you will discover 3 generic type of yoga class; Dynamic – with a focus on core strength, toning and increasing energy levels in a fun environment; General class which will help you restore balance to your mind and body, and finally the Lower Back class which can offer relief to long standing back problems, improve your core strength with the added  benefit of improving your breathing and sleeping.

Tania’s yoga classes that serve Northern Beaches, Newport, Avalon, Palm Beach, Bayview, Collaroy and beyond can be booked individually or in groups, and as a special introductory offer you can take advantage of an unlimited number of general classes within a two-week period for an incredibly affordable price.

In addition to a weekly timetable, Tania offers occasional special events from weekend breaks to weeklong workshops where practitioners can completely immerse themselves in yoga practice that will leave them feeling energised, refreshed, and ready to take on the world!

With the connection to the organs of the body, your diet can play a significant role in your health and well-being. Modern society often promotes a convenience based, but unhealthy diet, so to help you improve your diet and improve your wellness, Newport Yoga Centre provide informative and fun cooking classes, both in groups or on an individual basis, where you will learn how to select and prepare seasonal foods that will enhance and maintain your health.

Newport Yoga is the only accredited Ryoho yoga centre on the Northern Beaches, so when you want to embrace yoga and its many recognised benefits, and are looking for yoga classes in Mona Vale, Narrabeen, Manly, Warriewood, Scotland Island or surrounding suburbs, don’t hesitate to make contact with Newport Yoga Centre.


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