Courses & Events

Our yoga focuses on bringing awareness and balance back to the body, reclaiming functions and regenerating structure.
Yoga Timetable


As well as our general well being classes, we run classes for children, teenagers, specified yoga course for surfers.

Yoga Courses

Seasonal Retreats

We offer therapeutic, seasonal Ryoho Yoga & Detox courses for different skill levels and requirements, to increase strength & flexibility.

Yoga Retreats

Sri Lanka Retreat

2020 date not known at this stage

Replenish your soul and re-energise your body and mind

Yoga Cooking

Cooking Classes

We will create a feast of delicacies, discovering the foods & cooking methods that harmonise your body with the energies of the season.

2022 Events

From time to time we run special events which include seasonal therapeutic yoga classes designed to cleanse & tone your body, improve general fitness and establish you in a healthy routine.

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